Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Survival Kits

There has been a bit on 2 other good blogs, Pablo's and American Bushman's (last month in the second case) and I'd like to add my own opinion.
Firstly I have to mention this book
"Build the Perfect Survial Kit" by John McCann. It is a great book with loads of realistic information and also tells you what particular items are good value and where to get them. In all it is a pretty cheap book and definitely one to think about for your next Amazon order as it is one you'll dip into fairly often. Further Ideas and reviews of commercially available kits can be found on the Equipped to Survive site.
I've been developing more of an old fashioned "possibles bag" recently for my walks out and about but this is not strictly survival stuff but things which get used too (like string, maps, water, raincoats, penkinves etc.)
I have also been brainstorming about a kit to keep in the back pocket of my trousers full of generally useful things - string, plasters, asprin, safety pins and the like. The idea was it would be something that was a genuine daily carry and couldn't upset anyone anywhere.
As such there would be no penknives as I can't have one at work (teaching kids) or in the pub. I'll let you know how I get on.
I'd also like to point out a site with a few nice kit reviews from a fellow BCUK member Hellzteeth.com.


American Bushman said...

You might think about adding either a cut down hacksaw blade or sawzall blade to your kit in place of the knife.

File the spine of either blade square so it can be used as a makeshift scraper to create fine tinder as well as sparking your firesteel.

Also, make sure you've got some Super Glue in your first aid kit. It doesn't take up much space and can be used for everything from gear repair to wound repair (within reason.)

Great blog.