Monday, September 18, 2006

Post and Mushrooms

Just got a parcel from home however due to the vagaries of the polish postal service it was the one posted only 2 days ago not the one from 2 weeks ago!
Netertheless it did contain the book "food for free" by Richard Mabey which has all the mushroom names and information in English so that I can describe things more accurately. I managed to pick a few but the foresters 6 year old daughter was better at spotting them than me. I saw lots the nice red ones are which are poisonous though but couldn't see the small brown bumps that we were looking for which are what make up today's picture (not a photo of mine though). I think it is "podgrzybek" in Polish but a cep (or at least thath is one type) in English.
All the mushrooms we were looking for were in the boletus family which have a sort of spongy underside rather than gills. An advantage of this family is that the most dangerus ones are only likely to make you sick rather than dead and are generally brightly coloured.