Wednesday, September 20, 2006


For those of you who aren't Polish speakers (probably most!) Jamnik is the polish word for Dachshund (which itself means Badger Hound). These little dogs are one of the most popular breeds here, indeed every year they have their own fancy dress parade in Krakow.
They are used as hunting dogs combining terrier size and tenacity with hound like scenting abilites. They are pretty common in this role in central Europe and may sometimes be known as Teckels if they are the working variety.
The reason for writing about this today is at the weekend I was able to play with a full grown one and 3 puppies. They are happy and friendly dogs and are a conveneient size for carrying about and hugging even when fully grown! They do have a reputation for being headstrong and one spent an hour barking at a cat it had "treed".
I was well behaved and didn't buy one of the puppies though as until I've got a permanent house here I can't guarantee I'd be in Poland for the dog's life. Oh well, I still get to make a fuss of other s people's though.
I'll have to look for some books in English on them or learn more polish to read about the working type. The photo isn't mine but from google.