Wednesday, September 13, 2006

General Birchiness

As promised here is the last picture from Norfolk and it is of my current favourite tree for crafty purposes, the birch. The pine woods contain a reasonable number of birch trees and I was able not only to find some fascinating fungi like this one

which I believe to be the Birch Polypore which appears to be an all round useful fungi being used as a plaster, strop and tinder. Now I've figured out it won't kill me then I shall pick the next one I find.
I shall hopefully get educated about mushrooming here as there are people selling all the wild varieties on street corners here and it is seen as a very normal thing to do.
Whilst playing with birch trees I also managed to start a fire using birch bark and a swedish firesteel. The cellulose in Birch has many similarities with plastics and this is apparently why it can be used as tinder even when wet. I just fluffed up the bark by dragging a knife edge over it and then holding it in place with the firesteel as I struck down onto it.


Tegan said...

Why is it all about trees?!?!

sam_acw said...

Because, little sister, it is called woodcraft and wood comes from trees.
It is outdoorsy type things and the last few weeks I've been mstly talking bout trees