Saturday, September 09, 2006

Countryside by Train

I finally came to Radom on Thursday taking the train up from Krakow. The countryside here seems to be a fair mix of smaller scale arable farming (with a lot of stray cows, chickens and goats about) and an awful lot of woodland.
I think the majority of it is plantation woodland as the trees all seem to be of similar height and with few branches. There also seems (at least from a passing train) to be a lot of birch which is great for me.
Birch is not only easy to recognise it is a nice light wood, has bark which makes great tinder and grows nice little bracket fungi. I shall post a picture of one I took in Norfolk where I also managed to make fire useing a firesteel and scraped up birch bark for the first time.
As a further point I wonder if the bark on these trees is thick enough to manufacture things with in a native American style or not? It gets down (and stays at) -10 for much of the winter here and there are often 4 months with snow on the ground. It is fairly warm still in summer being about 3-5 degrees hotter than Britain if recall rightly. Any ideas are welcome as comments.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good weekend we eat the food we collect. Have just picked lots of blackberries (sp) and lots of sloes to make sloe gin will inform you of progress