Thursday, August 10, 2006

Planning Posibilities

I'm going to visit my grandparents in a couple of weeks. As they llive on the coast it will let me spend a few days milling about in the pine woods and on the beach. I'm trying to sort out a list of things to do and so far it is pretty short.
I'm going to go crab fishing with a handline in the harbour (ghillieing) and also have a go at mackrel with the handline and a spinner I got from a local fishing shop. As it is in the UK sea fishing is the only place where you can legally use a handline.
I don't have any woodcraft type projects yet but I'll let you know when I do. In the meantime check out this guys site woodsdrummer. He is also doing camping in the Nessmuk style and has a nice diary of his exploits and kit ideas.
I'm also trying to come up with a sort of sub-survival kit which can be kept in a back pocket or coat pocket everywhere and in any situation. As such it will avoid cutting tools as if I'm somewhere where I can have one I will but I don;t want to repack a kit every time. It'll be about wallet sized but hopefully flatter and probably contain the basics to make stuff easier such as cordage, matches foil, plasters asprin and safey pins. It's also all stuff which will be useful in daily life not just bad situations. I'm not one of those people who will ever keep a kit sealed.
I've also been perusing this site about exciting scout craft as it has a really good basic tutorial in the carving section and a few other fun things. As it is mostly for kids voluntary groups and non-profit making I also sent a donation of a couple of quid and I urge you to do likewise if you enjoy the site too.


Pablo said...

Sam, Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. Unfortunately, I inadvertently rejected the comment as I've been receiving spam lately. Please visit again.

I like your blog. Much more scope for woodcraft in Polands forests than the tiny UK woods. Look forward to reading more.