Monday, August 21, 2006

Norfolk Trip - What to do, What to take?

As I said in my last post I'm currently planning (only 4 days away) a trip to my grandparents who live by some nice pine woods and a beach. Unfortunately it'll still be tourist season as it's still the school holidays but I hope to get some woodcrafty things going. I have been trying to decide which of my 2 current favourite pocket knives to take - the SAK Farmer or the BRKT Mikro Sither which I reviewed here. The SAK has the advantage of the extra features and is a legal carry for every day in Britain (yes, I'm still here for another 11 days) so that is the current leader.
I've been planning a few things and this is why I bought a "spinner" type of fishing lure and I'm about to go look for some info on Mackarel fishing. I may be a little early but we have had an early summer this year.
I also got a book about whittling about a week ago which gave me several ideas. Rather than do what the instructions say I'll probably go off and try out my own stuff. I think things like rabbits and squirrels are more my style than roosters and herons.
I've also got to think about some sort of mat to sit on. I should probable be all primitive and weave one but most of the dune grass is very thin so this would be rather time consuming. Plastic is a bit sweaty and proper sit pads are all plasticky and unnatural. I thought about newspaper but that'll just blow everywhere. Maybe I can find a square of blanket or something similar?
It being Norfolk that I'm going to be in I'll also be on the lookout for more flint to have a go at some more knapping.
My current shortlist for books to emigrate includes Kepharts Camping and Woodcraft, Wildwood Wisdom by Jaeger (possibly the best DIY outdoor kit book) JM Auel's Valley of Horses (my all time favourite fiction book) and both of the society of primitive technology's books.