Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hazel Handle Handicraft

I finally got around to doing something with a Brusletto blade which I bought from Attleborough accessories over a year ago.
I just used a seasoned hazel stick which was part of an aborted thumb stick project from 2 years ago. I drilled out a bit for the blade and just hammered it in the rest of the way. Currently I've just wire wooled it a bit and rubbed a couple of coats of vegetable oil into it. The butt could do with some more sanding when I get some clean paper and will probably either get my initials or a stylised boar head carved into it. I've not decided on a sheath yet but I'm very happy with what was basically only and hour's work. The rustic look of this little woodcarving knife is, in my view anyway, pretty impressive. I will probably finish it a bit more at some stage though.