Saturday, July 29, 2006

Introduction to Woodcraft in Poland

A little more explanation of what's going on is the order of the day for my 1st post here. I was looking for a place to post reviews of various items of outdoor gear rather than clog up the various forums I'm part of.
The types of gear I am interested in are generally the more traditional items in particular those in the style of the 19th century woodsmen who first coined the term "Woodcraft". The two most important figures are Horace Kephart and Nessmuk. It is termed "Woodcraft in Poland" as I'm based in Radom in Poland (or at least I will be from the beginning of September.
I'm currently working on a review of a Bark River Mikro Slither knife and have done a couple of tasks so far. I'll hopefully get this posted soon but only have a very small digital camera at the moment so the photos will probably be little more than thumbnails until I get this sorted.
I'm also waiting for a couple of items to arrive which I'll also review. These are a SAK Farmer I bought through E-Bay and a traditional woolen hunting coat I've ordered from a company called Bemidji Woolen mills in the USA.